Our services will relieve you of the problems associated with the creation of the logistics department at your company.

TREEALTRANS offers much more than just forwarding and cargo transportation.

Freighting with our own transport is primarily a guarantee of:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Delivery to the destination in the shortest time
  • Safety of cargo

Our company cooperating with many carriers, we find optimal solutions to problems of road haulage to any place of Ukraine, Western Europe, CIS, Middle East, Baltic and Scandinavia. Years of experience allow the transportation of all types of goods (including oversize), as well as to guarantee the security, timeliness and efficiency of road haulage of your cargo.




Cover, Semi-Trailer img

Tilt, Semi-Trailer

Suitable for most types of cargo transportation. Loading can be done from the top, side and back. Load capacity: 20-25 tons. Capacity: 22-33 euro pallets. Useful volume: 60-96 m3

 Refrigerator, Semi-Trailer IMG

Refrigerator, Semi-Trailer

A semi-trailer with a refrigeration unit. Designed for the transport of perishable goods. The cargo compartment keeps the temperature from +25?C to –25?C. Load capacity: 12-22 tons. Capacity: 22-33 euro pallets. Useful volume: 60-92 m3.



A truck with a trailer. Advantages: quick loading / unloading and large useful volume. Disadvantages: not suitable for carrying long items. Load capacity: 16-25 tons. Capacity: 22-33 euro pallets. Useful volume: 60-120 m3.

 JUMBO img


A high-capacity semitrailer. Achieved through the L-shaped floor and the reduced diameter of the semitrailer wheels. Load capacity: up to 20 tons. Capacity: 33 euro pallets. Useful volume: 96-110 m3.


Container Truck

Suitable for transportation of containers of various kinds. Load capacity: up to 30 tons.

 Tanker Truck

Tank Truck

Intended for the carriage of liquids. Load capacity: 12-22 tons. Volume: 8-40 m3.

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