TREEALTRANS Ten Principles


This is one of the key competencies that characterize the level of employee’s attitude to the business. The exactingness is inextricably linked with the discipline and responsibility. The basic rule of exactingness is: if you want to have the right to demand from others – first demand from yourself.


The ability to work actively and productively is the condition for prosperity of any company. High efficiency is not promptly possible without the proper arrangement of labor, result-oriented approach, as well as good physical, moral and psychological health. The conclusion is: a sound mind in a sound body.


It is impossible to move forward without the ability to launch new ideas, shape them into concrete proposals and implement the plans. Proactiveness is one of the key indicators of employee commitment to professional growth. Therefore, proactiveness must be reasonable and unpunishable.


Credibility is the estimated substance, inseparably linked with integrity and honesty in the partnership relations. One cannot neither buy nor inherit the credibility; it is the end result of multiple wise and informed decisions. Thus, credibility, above all, is the art of balance of word and deed.


At first glance, this category does not refer to the working relations. However, in fact, our basic training, multiplied by the daily experience and the pursuit of creative excellence will necessarily lead to the correct conclusion. Genius lies in simplicity: legerity is the flip side of professionalism.


The tact is, above all, the respect for the views of the neighbor, the art of listening and hearing, the ability to pause, to form and express right opinions, and competently defend the point of view. This trait should be mandatory common to all members of the team. Consequently, the tact as an element of communicativeness is the unconditional key to success.


For the staff who makes decisions every day, the determination, along with the proactiveness, is one of the main driving forces of development. It shows the level of idea generation and the speed of their implementation. However, we must not forget that the basic rule of determination is the art of making the right decisions.


Adequacy is very important for those whose business is based on human relationships. It is characterized, above all, by proper self-esteem, high level of can-do attitude, subordination and observance of corporate ethics. The conclusion is: an adequate man is our man.


Everyone knows that in the modern world, it is impossible to achieve the goals without ingenuity in approaches to solving different kinds of problems. Therefore, the combination of the basic approach and irregularity, breakthrough and assessment, risk and justification is the characteristic of this business criterion. The ingenuity is the unity and struggle of opposites.


Stability is the main quality indicator, a mirror of the existence and development of any company. The basis of stability is, above all, the mutual understanding and mutual trust, the proper prioritization, which is achieved only by concerted action of the entire team. Therefore, stability is the basis of business and the guarantee of growth of human welfare.