Our Benefits

TREEALTRANS LTD is transport and forwarding company, which collaborates closely with Ukrainian and foreign cargo owner companies and carriers on a permanent contract basis. The staff of the company, which at year-end 2011, 2012 and 2014 was the industry leader in its segment, has been operating in the market of transport and forwarding services for more than ten years (since 2007 under this name). Over the years, we have gained sufficient practical experience in arranging forwarding of various cargo types (normal, dangerous, perishable, etc.) using the appropriate type of rolling stock (regular cover, cubature cover, refrigerator, isothermal cover, etc.). TREEALTRANS is a member of the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine (AsMAP UA).

Our customers are the largest domestic manufacturers both of export products and those in demand in the domestic market, as well as famous world companies engaged in regular supply of their goods to Ukraine.

Our Benefits

Over the years of operation in the market of forwarding services, TREEALTRANS has proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner. We do understand that you need to get professional and competitive services, so we always offer those that are always one step ahead of the competitors in terms of quality, efficiency and effectiveness. We place a particularly high value on trust relationships with partners, which we carefully preserve and develop.

The main and obvious advantage of TREEALTRANS forwarding company is the employees. The personnel policy of the company is young, ambitious, and strong leaders. Our employees know the specifics of each partner of the company and strictly comply with the regulations and rules of operation.

We work on a precisely built structure and can render all kinds of freight forwarding services. We only work with companies that have an extensive experience in transportation and have proven themselves in the transport market. We are interested in providing you with a qualified decision or advice on any issues that may arise in the organization and implementation of freight forwarding at any time in order to ensure your calm and confident work.

We are waiting for your offers at any time convenient for you!